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LSD — My Problem Child

  Albert Hofmann


        Translator's Preface
    1  How LSD Originated
    2  LSD in Animal Experiments and Biological Research
    3  Chemical Modifications of LSD
    4  Use of LSD in Psychiatry
    5  From Remedy to Inebriant
    6  The Mexican Relatives of LSD
    7  Radiance from Ernst Jünger
    8  Meeting With Aldous Huxley
    9  Correspondence with the Poet-Physician Walter Vogt
  10  Various Visitors
  11  LSD Experience and Reality


LSD - My Problem Child  ©1980 by McGraw-Hill
Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company
ISBN 0-07-029325-2

Note: LSD, My Problem Child appears in this library under the "Fair Use" rulings
regarding the 1976 Copyright Act for NON-profit academic, research, and
general information purposes. Readers requiring a permanent copy of
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