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On Being Stoned

  A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication

    Charles T. Tart, Ph. D.



          Foreword by Walter N. Pahnke
          A Fable
          A Note to the Non-Scientist Reader

Part I: Studying Marijuana Intoxication
    1.   Marijuana
    2.   The Nature of Drug-Induced
            States of Consciousness

    3.   Method of Study
    4.   One Hundred and Fifty
            Experienced Marijuana Users

    5.   Methods of Analysis

Part II: Phenomenology of Marijuana

    6.   Vision
    7.   Hearing
    8.   Touch, Temperature, Taste, and Smell
    9.   Space and Time
  10.   Ostensible Paranormal Phenomena (ESP)
  11.   The Body
  12.   Social Interaction
  13.   Sexuality
  14.   Cognitive Processes: Memory
  15.   Cognitive Processes: Thought
  16.   Emotions
  17.   Control
  18.   Identity
  19.   Spiritual Experiences
  20.   Sleep and Dreams
  21.   "Desirable" and "Undesirable" Effects
  22.   Aftereffects
  23.   Miscellaneous Effects

Part III: Relationships
  24.   Levels of Intoxication
  25.   Experience in Using Drugs
  26.   Meditation and Growth
  27.   Age, Sex, and Educational Level
  28.   Alcohol and Marijuana
  29.   More Powerful Psychdelics (LSD) and Marijuana
  30.   Factor Analysis: Dimensions of Intoxication
  31.   Summary

          Appendix A: Effects of More Powerful Psychedelic Drugs
          Appendix B: Questionnaire Used in This Study

On Being Stoned  1971 by Science and Behavior Books
Published by Science and Behavior Books, Palo Alto, California
ISBN 0-8314-0027-7

On Being Stoned appears in The Psychedelic Library by permission of the Author

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